What is Google AdSense:

Google AdSense provides a hassle free way to earn money online by simply displaying advertisements of different sizes on your websites. It provides opportunity to website owners to place different image, video, text based and rich media animated advertisements on their websites. These ads work on user’s interest which means they are targeted according to your audience and content.

Google AdSense manage all the hosting part, you don’t have to worry about hosting your ads or looking for potential advertisers. Google maintains a healthy relationship with the advertisers and keeps on serving your website with quality high paying ads.

Google AdSense is a CPC (Paid per click program) which means that you will be paid each time a user clicks on the ads. However, it also provides paid per impression depends upon the audience your blog is getting.

What are Advantages of Google AdSense?

  • Quick Approval: AdSense is an advertising company that tends to support new publishers this is the reason why they quickly approves your applications even if you have less traffic. However, your website should consist of high quality content to get a green signal.

  • High Payouts: Since, AdSense is biggest advertising company. Therefore, it also has some high potential advertisers who pay nice money to the Publishers that have targeted audience from USA, Europe and etc.

  • Robust Reporting: It provides you second-to-second reporting so that you can easily track the performance of your ads. It even provides details about the user’s location who clicked on one of your ads and much more.

  • All This for FREE: You get this much and a lot of other useful features for a cost of FREE. In fact, it is allowing you to earn a significant amount of money without spending a single penny.

How to Get Started With Google AdSense?

The very first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Google AdSense account. You can use your Gmail address for signup process, if you don’t have a Gmail account then register first.

After submitting your application, it will take around 24 hours to know whether you are approved to place advertisements on your site or you have to improve your site before you can be the part of AdSense Publishers. In case your application is approved, then you can log into AdSense account to get the Ad Code which you will be placing on your website.

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