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Dragon quest,[a] published as dragon warrior in north the USA until 2005,[b] is a chain of eastern position-gambling video video games created via Fuji horizon and his studio armor mission. the video games are published via rectangular nix (formerly nix), with localized versions of later installments for the Nintendo ds and 3ds being published by means of Nintendo outdoor of japan. with its first name posted in 1986, there are eleven major-collection titles, along with numerous spin-off video games. in addition, there have been severs manga, anime and novels published underneath the franchise, with almost every game within the principal series having a related model.

The collection has had a substantial impact at the improvement of console role-playing video games, and brought some of features to the style. installments of the series have seemed on various computer systems, consoles, hand held gadgets, and cell phones. early inside the series, the dragon quest games were released underneath the name dragon warrior in north the united states to avoid trademark war with the unrelated tabletop position-playing sport dragon quest. rectangular nix did not sign in the dragon quest trademark to be used within the america till 2002.

The primary premise of most dragon quest titles is to play a hero who’s out to save the land from peril on the palms of a powerful evil enemy, with the hero generally observed by using a group of birthday celebration contributors. common factors persist at some point of the series and its spin off titles: flip-based totally fight; habitual monsters, which includes the slime, which have become the series’ mascot till the English model of dragon quest viii; a textual content-based menu gadget;[c] and random encounters in most of the primary collection.

Dragon quest has had the identical popular lead improvement group on account that its inception within the Nineteen Eighties, as situation writer and game designer Fuji horizon, man or woman designer fakir amatory, and music composer chichi Fujiyama have handled their respective roles on every essential recreation inside the collection. the original ideas, used since the first game, took elements from the western role-playing video games wizardry and ultimo. a remarkable deal of care turned into taken to make the game play intuitive in order that players may want to effortlessly begin to play the game. the collection features a number of non secular overtones which have been closely censored in the nes variations.

Dragon Quest


Main series

The first 4 dragon quest installments had been launched for the Nintendo amusement system in japan and north the USA. the primary installments have been launched in japan on nes and ported that identical year to the max; all four video games had been remade for newer systems. dragon quest changed into first launched in japan on may additionally 27, 1986, and in north the USA as dragon warrior in august 1989. dragon quest ii augury no Amiga turned into launched in japan in 1987 and in north america in 1990 as dragon warrior ii. dragon quest iii Shiite sunset e… changed into released in japan in 1989 and north the us as dragon warrior iii in 1992. dragon quest iv: chapters of the selected changed into launched in japan in 1990 and in north the us in 1992 as dragon warrior iv. a 2001 Japanese play station remake of dragon warrior iv scheduled for the north american market become by no means launched.the Nintendo ds remake of dragon quest iv changed into released in north the USA, Europe, and Australia under its unique translated identify; the European release removed the number from the identify.

Two video games have been launched for the incredible famicom: dragon quest v: hand of the heavenly bride in 1992 and dragon quest vi: realms of revelation in 1995; each were re-released on newer systems.[1] dragon quest v turned into in the beginning scheduled for release in north america however changed into canceled amid rumors that nix had given up on the yank marketplace. no respectable reason turned into ever given. the Nintendo ds remakes had been launched in north the USA with dragon quest v also being launched in Europe and Australia, the latter without the numbering. one recreation became released for the psi: dragon quest vii: Eden no sens hi-ta chi in 2000 in japan and 2001 in north america underneath the title dragon warrior vii.[1] dragon quest viii: journey of the cursed king was released for the play station 2 in 2004 in japan,[1] 2005 in north the USA, and 2006 in Europe and Australia,[7] once more without the wide variety within the title for Europe. dragon quest viii turned into the primary dragon quest title to be released in north the united states beneath the dragon quest name, and the primary EU launch of a first-rate-collection dragon quest sport. dragon quest ix: sentinels of the starry skies, the only sport in the series initially launched at the Nintendo ds, became at first released in 2009 in japan, and in 2010 in north the USA, Europe, and Australia.[10] dragon quest x turned into announced for the Wii in December 2008.[11] in September 2011, rectangular nix announced that dragon quest x would also be released on the Wii u, with Nintendo 3ds connectivity.[12] it’s miles the first mom in the collection, and the best numbered dragon quest name now not released out of doors japan.[13] dragon quest xi turned into released in japan on July 29, 2017, and released across the world on September 4, 2018.


The franchise includes numerous spin-off games, which include the dragon quest monsters reg. the collection has also stimulated arcade video games such as the Japanese dragon quest: monster conflict avenue, wherein players compete for real-life playing cards with monster data that the arcade recreation issues to the players via a slot on its front. the latter is the most effective spin-off series to have none of its titles released outside japan. the thriller dungeon and fortune avenue collection use characters and other factors from dragon quest video games, and the mystery dungeon series has long past on to spawn its personal franchise.

In 1993 Hutchinson developed a tines game that protected attorney (a.k.a. attorney talon), a man or woman that first appeared in dragon quest iv.[22] the rogue like game attorney no darken: gushing no dungeon maintains Ernesto’s tale from dragon quest iv as he tries to make his store famous, venturing into mysterious dungeons to retrieve items to inventory his store with. the game changed into a success in japan.[23] in 2000 the direct sequel attorney: the ultimate wish turned into released in japan and the united states. the game play is just like the first recreation, even though attorney: the final wish is considered less complicated to play.[24] the sport bought sufficient copies in japan to allow development of the second direct sequel at the play station 2, titled gushing no dungeon 3 attorney no dairywomen.[25] the second one and 1/3 attorney games have had remakes for the sport boy enhance (gba).a later sport featured yang’s, a man or woman who first regarded in dragon quest viii; dragon quest: Shenzhen yang’s to gushing no dungeon follows yang’s on his adventures earlier than he meets up with hero in adore stated game.[27] the achievement of attorney no darken spawned the mystery dungeon series that has grown to encompass franchises past dragon quest, in addition to different clones.

While nix took over the monopoly-stimulated video game Akita road, the dragon quest franchise became an fundamental a part of the game in its 2nd version, Akita road 2: neon chain WA bars iron nigh. the first Akita avenue, released via ASCII, did not incorporate factors from the dragon quest franchise.the fourth game in the series, dragon quest & very last fantasy in Akita street unique, protected characters from the final fable franchise, and later versions would encompass characters from Mario.

Like the primary series, dragon quest monsters changed into initially launched under the dragon warrior name within the us.[35] the subsequent recreation, dragon warrior monsters 2, is the handiest sport to be break up into two versions, cob’s journey (Russia’s adventure in japan) and Tara’s adventure (ire’s journey in japan), named after the main participant characters.[36] every version has slight differences, which include the monster that appear in them.[37] dragon quest monsters: caravan heart is a prequel to dragon warrior vii, following heifer who is pulled into tor land and have to find the six orbs of loot to be able to return.[38] the release of dragon quest monsters: joker is the primary spin-off name to be released in English the usage of the dragon quest call;[39] its sequel monsters: joker 2 changed into launched in north america in September 19, 2011.there’s additionally an android title, monsters: desired!.

Dragon Quest

Dragon quest has also produced a number of smaller spin-off titles. in of them players use their unique controllers as a sword, swinging it to curb enemies and gadgets. ken shin dragon quest: parishioner sunset no ken is a stand-on my own game wherein the controller is formed like a sword, and a toy guard carries the sport’s hardware.[43] dragon quest swords for the Wii makes use of the motion sensing Wii far flung as a sword. another spin-off title, slime Morita dragon quest, uses the sport’s popular slime monster because the protagonist,[46] and its sequel, dragon quest heroes: rocket slime, has been translated into English.[47] there may be also a downloadable dishware turn-primarily based method game, dragon quest wars[48] and different titles were launched in japan for cell phones. dragon quest heroes: the arena tree’s woe and the blight under, a play station 3 and 4 game featuring the game play of the dynasty warriors collection via Seiko telecom, was launched in japan on February 26, 2015, and became released in north the us and Europe in October 2015 as a PS 4 unique. dragon quest developers for the ps4 was launched in 2016. arrhythmia dragon quest is a rhythm sport developed for the Nintendo 3ds. like the arrhythmia very last delusion video games before it, the game allows players to play along various songs from the dragon quest franchise.

Other media


Starting in 1988 with three collection, the media franchise expanded into different media. there are now a number of anime and e book diversification, together with manga, primarily based at the dragon quest video games.

On December 23, 1988, the primary light novel series began eBook, starting with a two extent set for dragon quest iii. after the success of these titles, nix multiplied the books into a chain and began publishing volumes beginning from the primary game in sequential order. nix posted titles from every primary collection game formerly released by means of march 23, 1995, in addition to the first torrent’s mystery dungeon sport.[54] the titles are written from a second-character perspective; the reader determines the subsequent route of motion and the memories have a couple of endings.

Other printed titles launched in 1989 include: dragon quest monsters tale; dragon quest item story; the dragon quest best series series starting with dragon quest ideal series 1990; and the first dragon quest novels by using Higashiosaka hide. all of these works have had extra titles published for distinctive video games by means of specific authors: hide wrote the primary four volumes spanning the first 3 video games; umiak sari authored ten volumes comprising the subsequent 3 games; and Hirobumi demon wrote three volumes for dragon quest vii. beginning with shins ho outhouse dragon quest i in 2000, a new collection by all three authors started out booklet. the authors wrote new tales for his or her respective collection, 3 stories for hide, nine for sari, and 3 for demon; with the latter’s works presenting illustrations via Dadaism tor ii. several standalone titles and audio book titles have also been launched.

Dragon Quest



Dragon quest manga started guide in weekly Shenzhen bounce in 1989.[56] based totally on the sector of dragon quest, Erik banjo’s dragon quest: die no darken changed into created as a -chapter short-story entitled parader! irrupt!. its success brought about the three-chapter sequel, die Bauhaus!!!, which set the framework for a later serialization spanning 37 volumes.

Several manga based totally at the games had been posted. the longest-strolling of those, emblem of root, warriors of Eden, and Hiroshima no chichi, have been posted in monthly Shenzhen gang an. logo of roto, via Chianti Kawabata and Juni Mikoyan, with art by using Kama Fujiwara, consists of twenty-one volumes posted among 1991 and 1997. in 2004 young gang an ran a mini-collection known as logo of roto returns. it takes location among the time frame of dragon quest iii and dragon quest i.[59] warriors of Eden consists of 11 volumes, with art by way of Fujiwara. the collection is a retelling of dragon quest vii with some minor adjustments.[60] Hiroshima no chichi includes ten volumes. the collection is a retelling of dragon quest vi with a few minor modifications.[61] other shorter manga series have been released which include numerous based totally on other games, a few legit korma strips, and a manga approximately the making of the authentic dragon quest recreation.

The street to  is a manga approximately the creators of , posted through nix. the single-extent manga was released in 1990 and produced via Moorish productions. it specializes in the introduction of the series and functions series creator Fuji houri, programmer chichi intramural, composer chichi Fujiyama, artist fakir amatory, and manufacturer yukking chide


There are two most important television series that were adapted from the video games. dragon quest started airing in December 1989, and ran for 43 episodes. it was supervised by horizon, with a story loosely based totally on dragon quest iii. the primary 13 episodes of the collection were translated into English by way of saran leisure underneath the title dragon warrior. because of its early time slot, and a lawsuit filed with the aid of amatory for not being credited for his paintings on person designs, it was not renewed.[65] a second anime series, dragon quest: die no darken, based totally at the manga of the same name, turned into produced by toe animation. it ran for 46 episodes from October 17, 1991 to September 24, 1992.[66] on April 20, 1996, a film titled dragon quest saga – the crest of roto turned into launched.


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