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Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX: sentinels of the starry skies[a] is a position-playing video game for the nintendo ds. it turned into developed by degree-five, and posted in 2009 with the aid of rectangular enix in japan; it become published through nintendo in north the us and pal regions a year later, in 2010, making it the second one numbered installment of the series to be released inside europe and australia, after dragon quest viii: adventure of the cursed king.

Dragon quest ix delivered nearby multiplayer capability to the series, as well as constrained compatibility with nintendo wireless connection. it was additionally the primary to be initially launched for a hand held sport console, and the primary to characteristic spawning of enemies, rather than random encounters. the game keeps most of the collection’ conventional role-gambling factors, including flip-based totally fight and a degree system based totally on gaining enjoy factors. the game was designed to be the maximum tough identify in the collection.

Dragon quest ix carried out report-breaking income within japan, and has set a Guinness international record for its anonymous verbal exchange mode.[3][4] critically, the sport has been well-received both outside and inside japan, with a tsunami score of 40/forty, a game rankings score of 88%, and a meta critic rating of 87.


Dragon quest ix continues the dragon quest culture of turn-based combat and is considered more difficult than the alternative dragon quest games earlier than it.[5][6] the game lets in gamers to have a cooperative wireless multi-player experience with up to four gamers; it does not, however, function multi-participant competencies through nintendo wireless.[7] multiplayer play requires a sport cartridge for each participant. the game consists of best one save slot, whereas most have at the least 3.

In component because of dragon quest ix’s design as a multiplayer game, party participants are characters created and chosen via the player. not like previous games, the participant has more manage over their man or woman’s appearance. at the same time as dragon warrior iii and dragon quest iv: chapters of the selected allowed players to pick among gambling a hero or a heroine, dragon quest ix offers extra customization by means of also allowing players to outline themselves with characteristics inclusive of hair patterns and skin tones.[9]

Each man or woman may be custom designed, both in the course of introduction and at some point of the game. all through character advent delectable features include, gender, hair fashion and coloration, eye form and color, frame kind, skin tone, and, for characters apart from the protagonist, vocation (the sport’s term for individual elegance). customizing a character keeps into the main recreation with guns and armor, now seen in the course of battles and whilst exploring the arena map and towns. weapons and armor equitable encompass one weapon, a shield, a helmet, frame armor, leg armor, gloves, boots, and add-ons (rings or amulets, for example).

Dragon Quest IX

Each playable man or woman has a vocation that determines his or her stat(which will increase according to stage), usable weapons and armor, and spells. six vocations are available early in the sport: warrior, mage, priest, martial artist, thief and minstrel. a further six classes (instrumentalist, ranger, gladiator, sage, paladin, and luminary) may be unlocked via a hit crowning glory of quests. the protagonist starts as a minstrel, and when extra celebration individuals first end up available, they can be created with any of the six beginning vocations. to have a character end up a one of a kind vocation the participant should communicate to “jack of all trades” of all trades abbey or use the sage’s capacity “jack’s knack”. the potential to exchange a character’s energetic vocation can be unlocked via gameplay. characters have separate ranges and experience totals for every vocation, and a character’s stats and spells are based totally on his or her energetic vocation. the game additionally includes a skill device much like the one in dragon quest viii, each vocation has five competencies: one ability one-of-a-kind to the vocation, three weapon competencies shared with one or more other vocations, and either defend or fisticuffs, an unarmed ability. as characters benefit degrees, they reap talent factors, which can be spent to boom any of the current vocation’s skills. each time the factors invested in a ability attain a positive threshold, a brand new potential (active command) or trait (passive bonus) is received, with the 10th and very last capability or trait gained at a hundred points. inside the case of weapon skills, the 100 factor trait permits a person to apply the relevant weapon with any vocation, while the one hundred point protect trait allows any vocation to use shields. skills and traits that have been won through the ability machine are carried over to different vocations, as are unspent ability points.


War is performed from a aggregate of first and 1/3-character perspectives. the man or woman plans his or her attack from a primary character attitude, selecting which warring parties to target (which includes the capability to target precise monsters in a single institution) after which switches to a moving 1/3-character view to watch the main individual’s birthday party and the monsters struggle for the spherical. fight includes a mixture device to be had both to gamers and monsters. whilst two or more same attacks are accomplished consecutively on the equal opponent the assault damage will increase by using a multiplier. a -hit mixture gets a 1.1x multiplier (1.2x in the Na and UK model), a three-hit combo a 1.5x multiplier, and a 4-hit blend a 2.0x multiplier. experience points earned from battle are divided among all birthday party individuals primarily based on level; better stage characters get hold of a greater proportion of the revel in factors than decrease degree characters. characters who’re killed at some point of a battle nevertheless acquire a few experience as well, depending on how a whole lot of the struggle they remained alive for. the anxiety system from dragon quest viii makes a go back, allowing characters to keep up energy to growth the potency of the following assault or spell. also, a few monsters may be provoked while positive movements are achieved: provoked enemies will focus their attacks on the offending party member, which may be a hassle if one person finally ends up provoking many enemies in one movement as they run a tremendous chance of being focused by means of a combo.

The protagonist’s movements are managed at once through the participant, at the same time as different celebration individuals can either be managed without delay or assigned numerous AI modes which includes display no mercy (which prioritizes harm), recognition on recuperation or do not use mp using the procedures system first brought in dragon quest iv.


Dragon quest ix gives the player non-compulsory quests to finish during and after the principle sport. quests serve as aspect-testimonies supporting non-participant characters around the game’s world. more than one quests may be done concurrently; some are interlocking, others liberate stages in fellow quests. early quests consist of collecting magical spring water, slaying monsters and stealing for a fellow thief. not like previous dragon quest installments, dragon quest ix includes many open ended mini-quests. upon final touch of the quests, a “quest listing log”, serving as an in-recreation success listing.

In addition, the sport capabilities infinitely producing treasure maps wherein the participant can earn treasure and fight monsters not observed inside the essential sport.[12] new guns, armor, and other items can be created thru alchemy. using an alchemy pot (known as the “Krakow pot”), one can blend gadgets with alchemy materials located in treasure chests, the world map, and dropped by means of monsters. recipes may be found hidden in bookcases via the world and the player can test with new recipes in their very own.


Dragon quest ix changed into mainly designed around the idea of attracting a much broader distant places marketplace by “giving the sport a more movement-orientated premise than previous video games inside the series.[13] shin Powhatan, standard manager for Nintendo’s advertising department, believes that dragon quest ix, which he says is a best name, no longer most effective may want to, however need to, promote greater copies in the united states and europe.[14] further to the distant places marketplace, the entire game is designed across the multi-participant thing. minor elements like birthday party talk, which turned into in previous titles, and only some pre-defined non-participant characters and more sizable matters just like the quest gadget that could regularly be taken more than one instances and are possibly designed around getting pals to assist with unique missions. different modifications, like the loss of random battles also are based in the direction of this purpose, but on a more tangential level.

Dragon Quest IX

In mid-2006, dragon quest collection composer chichi Fujiyama showed that dragon quest ix become in development. he said, “i’m now not positive when dragon quest ix can be released, however plainly development is always being made. i’m individually excited.”[15] on december 12, 2006, all through a press conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the dragon quest franchise, square nix introduced that dragon quest ix could be released exclusively for the nintendo ds hand-held video game console, making it the primary primary dragon quest title to debut on a hand held.

The Japanese launch of dragon quest ix changed into finally not on time from 2007 to 2008. the corporation mentioned the want for greater time to make a better recreation as cause for the postpone.[16] at the 2008 Tokyo sport display, a new trailer turned into shown on the square enix booth which showed a glimpse of the modifications made to the gameplay and pix. at the stop of the video, a affirmation of the discharge date (set for march 2009) become unveiled. square enix launched another new trailer for the sport, showing various aspects of the story line, boss battles, together with cut scenes; the end of the trailer showed a then-accurate launch date for march 28, 2009, at the side of a price point of ¥five,980, which nonetheless stands.[17]

On February 12, 2009, after having delayed the discharge of its quarterly monetary by means of per week, square enix introduced the sport might be behind schedule once again to a eastern launch on July 11 of the equal year. the game’s launch postpone worried very last fable enthusiasts, who were informed via square enix president chichi wads that dragon quest ix’s postpone can also have an effect on final fable xiii’s launch, pointing out that he “[could] not say there [would not] be an effect.”[18]

Dragon quest ix became designed to be the hardest dragon quest game yet. the reason is that the builders stated, “human beings can always find out facts on the internet — like it truly is part of the sport experience.” further, the game has handiest one shop slot.[5] rotary Chimera, manufacturer of dragon quest ix, clarified the reason explaining that there isn’t always enough area on the device given the quantity of freedom the sport permits. alternatively, the more slot is used for a backup in case of battery failure.

Additionally included in the game changed into the risk to experience boss battles from previous dragon quest titles along with preventing Ramos from dragon quest iii and madhouses from dragon quest viii: adventure of the cursed king.


Months after its Japanese release, Square Enix trademarked the name Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, as well as corresponding titles for the four other main languages of Western Europe (French, German, Italian and Spanish), confirming that the title will be released there.[20] It also registered the English trademark in the United States confirming its North American release around the same time.

Nintendo expected a boost in its DSi sales with the simultaneously timed launch of the red DSi in Japan,[21] and reports show an increase of 152% in Nintendo DS sales during the first weeks of Dragon Quest IX.[22] Square-Enix expected not to fare as well despite the record sales. After a last minute delay in the release date from March 28, 2009 to July 11, 2009 Square-Enix dropped its expected yearly earnings by 17 percent and profits by 62.5 percent. The company hoped to bolster the worldwide appeal of the series with the redesign of the game.[13]

According to Square Enix, 4.29 million copies of the game were sold in Japan as of March 2010.[23] Square-Enix aims to have 5 million copies of the game shipped, though the company didn’t specify if the target was for Japan only or worldwide.

Square Enix announced on May 19, 2010 that Dragon Quest IX would be released in North America on July 11, 2010; exactly one year after the Japanese release. The European version followed on July 23, 2010.


Months after its Jap release, rectangular enix trademarked the name dragon quest ix: sentinels of the starry skies, in addition to corresponding titles for the 4 other principal languages of western europe (french, German, Italian and Spanish), confirming that the title can be launched there.[20] it additionally registered the English trademark in the u.s.a. confirming its north american launch across the same time.

Nintendo expected a boost in its dsi income with the concurrently timed release of the pink dsi in japan,[21] and reviews display an growth of 152% in nintendo ds income at some point of the primary weeks of dragon quest ix.[22] square-enix predicted no longer to fare as properly no matter the file sales. after a closing minute postpone in the release date from march 28, 2009 to July eleven, 2009 rectangular-enix dropped its predicted every year profits via 17 percentage and income by using sixty two.five percent. the employer was hoping to strengthen the global enchantment of the collection with the remodel of the game.[13]

In line with square enix, 4.29 million copies of the sport have been offered in japan as of march 2010.[23] rectangular-enix pursuits to have five million copies of the game shipped, though the company failed to specify if the target became for japan handiest or international.

rectangular enix announced on can also 19, 2010 that dragon quest ix could be launched in north the us on july 11, 2010; exactly three hundred and sixty five days after the Japanese launch. the EU version observed on july 23, 2010.

Dragon Quest IX


Dragon quest ix shipped with over 2 million pre-order sales.whilst the professional launch date for dragon quest ix in japan was july eleven, 2009,[18] some retailers had already shipped orders; one such dealer requested its clients to no longer play the sport until the professional launch date.[25] in spite the big quantity of pre-orders and extra release shipments by means of square enix, traces still shaped for the release.within a two-day length, the name had sold 2,318,932 copies out of an estimated 3 million copies that had been shipped. some analysts stated that 3 million may be too conservative and anticipated five million copies bought in japan alone with massive remote places sales expectations that would damage preceding dragon quest income information.[21][22][26] the sale turned into the largest publish-2000 debut week sale which broken the record previously held by the previous title, dragon quest viii: adventure of the cursed king and with over 4 million copies shipped dragon quest ix is as of september 25, 2009 on course for becoming the maximum famous and best-promoting nintendo ds sport ever. the sport sold over 4.1 million copies in japan by the quit of 2009,[28] and the remaining hits version bought a further 171,000 copies the subsequent year.[29] shortly earlier than the official launch a malware ROM claiming to be the dragon quest ix rom become launched on 2ch. rather than the real recreation, it changed into a hentai slideshow that bricks the nintendo ds.[30]

The saturation of dragon quest ix in japan had increased the variety of passing-by means of connections due to the fact the quantity of humans carrying a ds on them outside domestic increased. according to tigerish Minamoto, this development has led nintendo to determine out extra ways of creating something particular for this.

North America and Europe

On july 10, 2010, one day earlier than the professional launch, dragon quest writer Fuji horii visited the nintendo international shop to commemorate the discharge of dragon quest ix: sentinels of the starry skies in north the us at a special launch event.[32] the north american launch of dragon quest ix become closely promoted via nintendo – the company ran advertisements offering Seth green in theaters and on television,[33] featured dragon quest ix for 2 weeks on nintendo week, and sponsored special dragon quest ix events at select game stop, exceptional buy, and simon mall places from july 31, 2010 via august 2010 where players should achieve unique downloadable treasure maps.[34] dragon quest ix: sentinels of the starry skies became additionally the subject of two segments of Taiwan asks, in which satori Taiwan interviewed Fuji horii and rotary ichimura regarding the north american launch of dragon quest ix.[35] the august 2010 problem of nintendo power additionally featured dragon quest ix on the duvet.

Within the united kingdom, nintendo of europe held a promotional event on november 13, 2010 in coven lawn, London. installation as a medieval village, the occasion featured demo stations for the game, a leader board wherein nintendo employees tracked those with the maximum play time, and an look by using Edward. slime plushiest had been given away on the event, and players should add john and Edward grimes’ in-recreation characters to their inns through tag mode, and get hold of the nocturnes treasure map.

Aside from pre-orders, dragon quest ix: sentinels of the starry skies become the top-promoting ds game within the first two weeks on account that its launch, in keeping with Amaterasu and amazon.com.[38] it become the eighth pleasant-selling sport of july 2010 within the npd charts, with 132,000 devices.[39] as of the ending of Nintendo’s financial yr 2010, dragon quest ix bought 1.02 million copies in the united states of america and europe.

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